INFOhio Users Council

The INFOhio Users Council is composed of up to four representatives from each ITC and provides grassroots involvement for INFOhio's products and services. The INFOhio Users Council will advance the vision of INFOhio by improving communication, fostering collaboration, and supporting continuous improvement efforts for the purpose of increasing student achievement and meeting the current and future information needs of Ohio's students. Users Council members:

  • Develop and implement a process for generating effective two-way communication between INFOhio and its users.
  • Gather feedback from users that will result in improved INFOhio products and services for the purpose of increasing student achievement.
  • Identify and evaluate projects (products, services, and professional development) that will enable INFOhio to meet the future needs of Ohio students.
  • Advocate for INFOhio and school libraries.
  • Carry out other tasks as assigned by the INFOhio Advisory Board.

For more information on the roles and responsibilities of the Users Council, read the guidelines:

  • JuneUC2018Kiester

    Amy Keister demonstrates
    how she shares ISearch.

  • JuneUC2018Lee

    Lori Lee demonstrates how she uses R4S.

  • JuneUC2018Hamlin




    Kim Hamlin demonstrates
    how she shares INFOhio with
    new teachers.

  • JuneUC2018Aurigemma

    Kathy Aurigemma shares strategies for advocacy.

  • Who's on Twitter?





  • Michelle Frederick is "Miss INFOhio"
    at Madison Local Schools.

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