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  • Here's how #INFOhioWorks!

    "INFOhio resources provide a much needed link between Academic and Career-Tech Education. Students who prepare for their career development can use INFOhio resources in their current embedded English courses." —Cynthia Unger, Media Specialist, Mid-East Career and Technology Centers

  • Here's how #INFOhioWorks!

    "INFOhio resources are great preparation for my students. They are more prepared for college-level research and life-long learning because of INFOhio. The partnership we have with our local University has reinforced this fact. Having talked with former students now enrolled in college, they have shared with me that they are less intimidated and feel prepared for the expectations of college research because of their familiarity with and use of INFOhio's resources." —Dee-anna Veach, High School Librarian, Minford Local Schools

  • Here's how #INFOhioWorks!

    "INFOhio, and [the EBSCO databases] especially, are rich resources, and ISearch is a great entry tool...The sooner students are taught how to search databases and how to evaluate and choose the best sources for each specific assignment, the better off they will be in the future, and the sooner they will come to realize that they have a huge wealth of excellent information right at their fingertips." —Virginia Stoller, English Teacher, Ottawa-Glandorf Local Schools

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Research Gets Real with INFOhio’s EBSCOhost

“Sophomore students use INFOhio’s EBSCOhost portal to locate content from various academic databases to write a literature review that is included in an extensive 8-week research project.”

“Students work independently, in a pair, or in a group of three to study and collect data on a topic of their choice. Topics can include how athletic involvement affects students academically, socially, and mentally; how social media use impacts students’ body image, mental health, and physical health; and other topics important to teens.”

“Research studies using EBSCOhost aid students in writing literature reviews, and the articles help students familiarize themselves with the format of a formal research study.”

Angie Jameson, Library Media Specialist
Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools

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